General Conditions of Entry

1. The Organizer or its agents and representatives shall not be liable for any damage or injury of any kind that may arise from participation in the event and the outreach events. This disclaimer of liability also applies to accompanying persons, especially accompanying of children / minors.

2. I will not assert claims against the organizers or sponsors of the event, or against the city of Düsseldorf or their representatives, for damages and injuries of any kind that may arise as a result of my participation in the event.

3. I declare with my registration that I have sufficient training, am physically healthy and able to attend the event. I have my health confirmed by a doctor.

4. I agree that the data provided by me in my registration and the photos, film recordings and interviews in radio, TV, advertising, books, photomechanical reproductions (films, DVDs etc.) made in connection with my participation in the event may be used without remuneration claims on my part and that my data in connection with the event  can be passed to service providers, among others to Medical service and timekeeping service. This also means a publication, as a notice and on the website, in the starter list and result list.

5. I assure that my data given in connection with the registration for the event are correct and I do not pass on my starting permission (start number) to other persons. Exception: A transfer of my registration to another participant is only possible within the deadlines in consultation with the organizer.

6. I am aware that any modification of the official race number, in particular making invisible or obscuring the advertising logos, leaving or shortening the routes, accompanying other people on wheeled items, carry sports items (eg poles), strollers, roller skates, animals lead to disqualification. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the track personnel!

7. In case of non-participation, non-appearance, withdrawal or cancellation of the event due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, I will NOT be refunded any entry fees or other costs associated with the event. The statutory conditions remain unaffected.

8. I agree that my data given in the application form will be stored automatically for the purpose of the event and will be published during the event, in particular in the starter lists and result lists. In this context, I read the privacy policy for the event.

9. I acknowledge the competition rules (DLV) and anti-doping regulations applicable to this event.

10. Jurisdiction is Dusseldorf.

11. Privacy: I will read the privacy policy of the event, take note and confirm the receipt.

As of July 2019

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