How Can I Benefit from Volunteering?

• You can meet many new sports enthusiasts
• You can look behind the scenes of a major event
• You are part of the uniper Marathon family with your own matching hoodie
• You will receive lunch packages.
• You are welcome to the great volunteer party, which is held shortly after the event

Field of areas

Course marshals:
Are you a group of at least four people and want to create a good mood on the route? Then feel free to contact us as a “course marshals”! We can then determine the areas of application individually.

Clothing bag levy:
So that the participants do not have to walk with a backpack, they can store their clothes bags in the post-finish area at the Burgplatz. Here we need a lot of hardworking hands to quickly bring order to the chaos. Here you will be instructed in detail by a division manager.

Target area:
In the target area we have two different uses, where you will be instructed in each activity:

Medal Edition:
All participants receive the coveted medal at the finish. Your job here is to bring the right medal to the right man / woman. Kids, marathons, half marathons and relay participants look forward to you.

Water output:
Water at last! In order to be able to fulfill the participants’ first wish at the finish, we need some helping hands.

Thank you Party!
One of the highlights, as a volunteer at the Uniper Rhein Marathon, is the volunteer party.
You can talk to the people behind the event in a relaxed atmosphere.

Registration form
You can find the registration form here.